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        • 一體化的清潔能源整體解決方案
          Integration of clean energy overall solution

        • 客戶為尊的服務宗旨
          Respect for the customer service purposes

        • 完備的能源儲運網絡
          Complete energy storage and transportation network

        • 與時俱進的互聯網能源戰略
          Internet energy strategy with the times

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           “Real Help, Priceless Love.” Mr. Wu, a driver, recently sent a silk banner to Bengbu ENN Gas to thank two ENN employees for helping him at need.

          On the morning of March 16, tank car driver Shen Shibing and supercargo Sun Biao drove a natural gas tank car, returning from a gas station on Fenglin Road. When passing the Donghai Avenue crossroad near the university town, they saw smoke came out from the hood of a Passat car with car no. WC00184. Mr. Wu, the driver of the car, was burning with anxiety. Shen Shibing pulled over the tank car and hinted Sun Biao to set up a temporary parking sign to ensure safety. Shen picked up a fire extinguisher from the cab and rapidly ran to the car on fire to try to put out the fire. Fortunately, with timely measures, the car wasn’t drastically affected. Shen and Sun continued their journey after stifling the fire.

          According to Mr. Wu, he planned to get his car examined at the vehicle administration office. However, the accident happened on his way to the vehicle administration office. His heart is still fluttering with fear every time he talks about the accident. Without help from the two ENN Gas employees that day, he could do nothing but seeing his car burned down. Therefore, he visited the company to express his gratitude with a silk banner marked with “Real Help, Priceless Love”.

          Huaian ENN Gas was recently honored the title ‘Quality Service Window’ of Jiangsu’s housing and urban-rural development system. All service window units in Jiangsu province’s housing and urban-rural development system in 2017 participated in the selection. Huaian ENN Gas outperformed other service units and received the honor.

          Huaian ENN Gas has been actively responding to Chinese government’s appeal all the time to pay much attention to housing and urban-rural development of the entire province. It further enhances service awareness, increases service level and regulates service behavior with the theme ‘Striving for Excellence, Setting up a Good Image’ and the goals ‘Quality Service, Excellent Style of Work and Graceful Environment’. Huaian ENN Gas has been adhering to the ‘customer-oriented’ purpose all the time, serves every customer with a sincere attitude and professional skills and is well accepted and widely acclaimed by customers.

          The selection greatly inspires the confidence of employees from Huaian ENN Gas. Huaian ENN Gas will make persistent efforts to blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit, to offer customers better, more efficient and shortcut services and to make more contribution to driving higher quality development of housing and urban-rural development.

             A delegation led by ENN Energy CEO Han Jishen visited branches in Northeast China to check their market development situation and development situation of key projects from March 19 to 23. The delegation also paid official visits to government leaders of three Northeastern provinces and relevant cities and attended a ‘smart energy project(Pan Energy Net)’ cooperation framework agreement signing ceremony held for ENN Energy’ Energy Distribution branch and Daqing Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. Energy Distribution Senior Vice President and Northeast China General Manager Jiang Zhaoxing and Energy Distribution Vice President Zhu Lei participated in all activities.
            The delegation respectively visited branches in Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang, listened to special reports given by men in charge of these branches on future development planning and expansion situation of key projects and paid field visits to a range of Pan Energy projects including Dalian Jitong gas project, Jilin Oilfield Pan Energy project, Daqing Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone Hongwei Park and Xinghua Park. The delegation also paid official visits to government leaders of three Northeastern provinces and relevant cities to introduce corporate mission and development history of ENN Energy in detail and fully communicate on ENN Energy’s Pan Energy concept and its thinking of better serving economic transition of the three Northeastern provinces in the future. Governments of all levels and enterprises highly approved the advanced concept and core technology of ENN Group and expected to cooperate with ENN Energy in a deeper level by setting up a specialized team to accelerate work docking and jointly promote the implementation of key tasks like the economical rejuvenation of northeast China and air pollution prevention.
            During the visit to projects in Northeast China, ENN Energy signed a cooperation framework agreement with Daqing Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone on a smart energy (Pan Energy Net) project. The landing of the project will be a good example and be used as reference for rapid development of Pan Energy projects in Northeast China.

          Home is a warm harbor in everyone’s heart. We have small homes and we also have big homes. We enjoy warmth in our small homes and take responsibilities. We make arduous efforts in our big homes to realize our value. March 3, 2018 is not only the traditional Lantern Festival of China, but also Moon Festival of ENN Energy. ENN Energy’s leaders, staff and their family members celebrated the festival together with happy laughters and cheerful voices. Here are some highlights of this year’s Moon Festival.

           Family members of outstanding employees were arranged to visit the group as a part of the Moon Festival celebrations to enable them to know more about ENN. They visited the Smart Enterprise Operation Center and the Pan Energy Digital Center.

          Commending and Discussing with Excellent Family Members of Employees: ENN and Employees Form a Community with Common Destiny and a Community with Common Undertaking

          After the visit, a symposium was held for excellent family members of ENN employees. ENN Energy CEO Han Jishen, Secretary of Party Committee and Vice President Zhang Guozhong, Deputy Secretary of CPC Wang Chunbo, and Administrative Service Energizing Department Convener Song Di exchanged ideas with them.

          During the symposium, Zhang Guozhong delivered a welcome speech, thanked them for what they have done and introduced achievements of ENN Energy in 2017 and development ideas in 2018. Han Jishen and Zhang Guozhong respectively issued certificates and prizes to excellent family members of employees. Corresponding employees presented bouquets to their family members and expressed their gratitude.

          Han appreciated these family members for what they have done for the development of ENN and said ENN will keep inheriting its ‘Home Culture’. He also expected family members of employees to keep supporting ENN employees’ work as well as ENN’s development like they always do. In the end, Han described the blue print for future development of ENN Energy. ENN will build a bigger career platform for employees through strategic upgrade and management restructuring. He expected every employee to share responsibilities with ENN, to create values with ENN and share values with ENN. Let ENN Energy and employees become a community with common destiny and common undertaking! 

          A rich mixture of amusement activities were arranged after the symposium, bringing together numerous visitors bustlingly. The entire Energy Distribution building was decorated with lanterns and streamers, exuding jubilant atmosphere.
          If the big home is like the ocean, the small home is like the waves. If the big home is like the bright and clear starry sky, the small home is like the twinkling stars. The Moon Festival ended amid laughters.

          ENN Energy wishes every small home prosperous, happy and healthy and our big home keep flourishing and create glory again!

          From Chinese New Year’s Eve to the seventh day of the Chinese New Year, Leaders from ENN Energy including CEO Han Jishen, President Liu Min and regional general managers respectively visited member enterprises to meet employees who still stuck to their posts and needy employees with greetings.

          From February 12 to 13, a delegation consisting of ENN Energy CEO Han Jishen, Assistant President and Central China General Manager Wang Wenfeng visited employees in Central China. They subsidized needy employees from Huaihua ENN Gas.

          On the Chinese New Year’s Eve (February 15), ENN Energy CEO Han Jishen and ENN Energy Senior Vice President and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei General Manager Hu Qili visited workers at the production line at Jinggu ENN Gas with New Year greetings.

          From February 12 to 13, a delegation led by ENN Energy President Liu Min, ENN Energy Senior Vice President and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei General Manager Hu Qili paid field visits to member enterprises in Shijiazhuang and ran safety inspections as well as comforted partners striving at the production line with New Year greetings.

          On the Chinese New Year’s Eve (February 15), ENN Energy President Liu Min, ENN Energy Senior Vice President and South China General Manager Wu Xiaolei visited Guangzhou ENN Fengshen LNG Gas Distribution Station to comfort employees with New Year greetings, check up the work and guide the work.

          On the fifth day of Chinese New Year (February 20), a delegation led by ENN Energy President Liu Min visited Yuhang ENN Energy Pan Energy Net Project #3 Station in Hangzhou in the rain to deliver New Year greetings and comforts to employees sticking to their posts during the Chinese Spring Festival.

          On the seventh day of the Chinese New Year (February 22), which is also the first day of work in the Chinese New Year, ENN Energy President Liu Min guided the work in South China and organized South China Pan Energy business team to hold a symposium.

          The delegation visited service halls, gas stations and air force stations to deliver Chinese New Year greetings and comforts, ask employees’ working and living condition, listen to their opinions and suggestions on work and stress the top-priority position of production safety. Safe and stable use of gas should be ensured for users.

          The delegation also attended a symposium to exchange ideas with cadre employees, communicating and discussing with them on key issues like strategic upgrade, management restructuring and culture reshaping. The delegation also answered questions raised by participants, clearly drew a development blue print of ENN and encouraged partners to stride forward toward the comprehensive energy business blue print.

          On January 11, Dongguan ENN Gas Technology R&D Center was officially established. Dongguan ENN Gas will drive landing of technology projects, implement achievement transformation mechanism, increase enterprise technological innovation capability and support the company’s strategic development need through the operation of the technology R&D center.

          During the establishment ceremony, general manager of the company Cai Zhipeng introduced the positioning, future planning and proceeding situation of the technology R&D center from three aspects: 1. Fully arouse personnel, funds and projects, make thorough development planning and realize ‘High Starting Point, Overall Planning and Implementation by Step’; 2. Be outcome-based and attract employees to participate in innovation by setting up effective project incentive policies; 3. Divide technological innovation projects into different layers, do well in new technology introduction and research of major projects as well as new equipment and new material introduction and promotion and constantly inspire grass-roots employees’ innovation and creativity potential.

          The establishment of the technology R&D center will better support the development of Dongguan ENN Gas. The technology R&D center will be committed to R&D and application of new technologies, new processes, new materials and new equipments, actively carry out technical exchange and cooperation, translate technological innovation achievements into enterprise performance and help realize the goal of becoming a respectable new-type smart enterprise with scientific, rigorous, realistic and pragmatic attitudes!

          On December 13, ENN Energy’s Energy Distribution branch and Suzhou Hongda Group signed a park Pan Energy project cooperation agreement in Langfang, Hebei province. Suzhou Hongda Group General Manager Huang Yaozhong, Deputy General Manager Xie Yu, Hongda Thermoelectricity General Manager Xie Haiqi, Energy Distribution CEO Wang Shaojian, Energy Distribution Senior Vice President and East China General Manager Hong Wan attended the signing ceremony.
          Located in Shaxi town, Taicang, Suzhou Hongda Group has 15 subsidiaries with business scope ranging from cogeneration, to biological enzyme, paper products, R&D and production of environmental protection and energy saving products, energy service and so on.

          The delegation from Hongda Group visited the Smart Enterprise Operation Center, the Pan Energy Digital Center, Xinzhaoyang Project and Qixiu Academy and highly acclaimed ENN’s Pan Energy Net technological superiorities, platform operation ability, energy development concept and corporate culture.

          During the signing ceremony, both parties introduced current development status the enterprises and deeply exchanged ideas on contents and directions of cooperation in the future. According to the agreement, both parties will jointly set up a project working group which will be responsible for investigating energy users of Hongda Group within the current heat supply scope in Taicang, formulating park Pan Energy technical solutions and accelerating project landing.

          On November 30, a ceremony was held for the establishment of Xiangtan Desheng Energy Power Distribution and Sales Co., Ltd., the owner of the Xiangtan Economic Development Zone Increased Power Distribution Business Pilot Project. ENN is one of the shareholders of the new company. Leaders from Hunan Energy Bureau, Xiangtan Development and Reform Commission, Xiangtan Commission of Economy and Information Technology and Xiangtan Economic Development Zone attended the ceremony to deliver congratulations. ENN Energy’s Energy Distribution Assistant President Wang Wenfeng attended the ceremony as shareholder representative.

          In November 2016, the National Development and Reform Commission, and National Energy Administration issued a Notice on Regulating Reform Experimentation of Increased Power Distribution Business which includes a list of China’s first batch of 105 increased power distribution business reform pilot projects. Xiangtan Economic Development Zone Increased Power Distribution Business Pilot Project is on the list. In September 2017, Hunan Energy Bureau released a recruitment announcement for Xiangtan Economic Development Zone Increased Power Distribution Business Pilot Project to publicly select an owner of the project. Hunan ENN Energy Development Co., Ltd. made advanced preparation, communicated with various parties and collaborated with State Grid Hunan Electric Power Company Limited, Datang Huayin Electric Power Ltd., and Hunan Liancheng Energy Development Co., Ltd. for joint bidding. They successfully won the bidding.

          Hunan ENN Energy showed active participation in the bidding and gave full play to ENN’s strengths like its Pan Energy technology and gas resources, playing an important role in winning the bidding. Meanwhile, Hunan will deeply participate in the operation of the new company as Energy Distribution’s first increased power distribution business pilot project to accumulate power distribution network operation experiences, actively explore the ‘Pan Energy + Power Distribution and Sales Business Mode’ with the Pan Energy concept and further implement the strategic goal of developing new business.

          The signing ceremony of ENN’s comprehensive implementation of “100 Cities, 100 Connections, 100 Applications” Beidou Precise Service Network was held  in Golden Elephant recently. The ceremony was sponsored by the Location Based Service (“LBS”) Alliance of China, the Global Navigation Satellite System (“GNSS”) & LBS Association of China, the China Gas Association and assisted by ENN.

          The grand event was witnessed by Jiang Hongjiang, Deputy Party Chief of Langfang City, Sun Jiadong, Chief Designer of Beidou Satellite Navigation System and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhang Rongjiu, Director of GNSS & LBS Association of China and its Secretary General Miao Qianjun, Wang Tianxi, Director of China Gas Association and its Secretary General Chi Guojing, Cheung Yip Sang, President of ENN Group, Han Jishen, President of ENN Energy and representatives from companies who had built and adopted the Beidou precise service. The awarding ceremony of ENN’s demonstrative implementation of “100 Cities, 100 Connections, 100 Applications” Beidou Precise Service Network was also held in the same event.

          In 2014, initiated by the GNSS & LBS Association of China and China Gas Association, the “100 Cities, 100 Connections, 100 Applications” project kicked off and was firstly  implemented in city-gas industry. Deeply integrated with the Beidou satellite system and cutting-edge technologies including Big Data, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things etc.,  the project provided more precise location information for the construction, daily management, maintenance, emergency repair etc., of gas pipeline network, unfolding a new era for the improvement of the intelligent management and operation of city-gas pipeline network. Beidou Precise Service Network has set up service stations and built a connected network in more than 10 cities in 9 provinces in China up to date, demonstrating wide implementation of such advanced system in China’s city-gas pipeline network management.

          ENN’s comprehensive implementation of “100 Cities, 100 Connections, 100 Applications” Beidou Precise Service Network will help improve its intelligent and fine operation and management and provide Big Data platform support for ENN’s “Internet Plus” energy strategy. Meanwhile, the implementation marked the beginning of the large-scale application of the Beidou system in gas industry,  which on the other hand provided broader prospect of the implementation of Beidou system in the market.

          After signing the agreement, ENN will gradually build Beidou Precise Service Stations in over 140 city-gas projects nationwide, connect the stations with Beidou’s national precise service network and integrate ENN’s existing GPS application into Beidou Precise Service Network to achieve better  results. ENN will also introduce Beidu facilities and technologies to all aspects of its city-gas business including engineering, operation, safety, customer service etc., fully optimize its businesses leveraging the convergence of internet technology and IT system, thus providing solid foundation for the transformation, upgrade and sustainable development of its project companies.

          As the “100 Cities, 100 Connections, 100 Applications” project successfully implemented in city-gas pipelines, relevant government authorities including the National Development and Reform Commission, State Administration of Work Safety etc. highly emphasized the project and offered great support. The National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geo-information listed the project in its eight key generally deployed projects in 2015.

          After the signing ceremony, Sun Jiadong, Zhang Rongjiu and Wang Tianxi were shown around ENN accompanied by management including Han Jishen, Vice President of ENN Energy. The guests spoke highly of ENN’s development during the tour.

          Recently, the Sales Director of SAMCHULLY paid a visit to ENN and signed an MOU on cooperation to promote the implementation of the Sino-Korean route launch and shipping LNG fuel project.

          On May 20, the two sides signed an MOU. At the signing ceremony, ENN Vice President Li Shuwang and the sales director of  SAMCHULLY respectively delivered speeches to express the good will of entering long-term partnership. Under the MOU, the two will deepen cooperation in many aspects like market information sharing, Sino-Korean pilot project planning, national and industry policies, LNG supply, construction of facilities etc to seek and center on grand projects, jointly boost the application of LNG fuel and development of LNG ships in China and Korea.

          SAMCHULLY is the biggest downstream city fuel distributor in Korea, specializes on three key sectors like energy distribution and projects, environmental protection technologies, cultural property, with similar business units like ENN. The company has a share of 15% in the Korean market with annual sales over RMB20 billion, annual gas sales over 4 billion cubic meters. This time, the two sides reached a consensus in many business sectors, meaning the Sino-Korean two-way liner project has made substantial progress in implementation.

          Recently, Guigang ENN Gas got a piece of good news about the company’s worker Lan Chengjun was awarded the “Most Beautiful Municipal Worker” by the housing, urban and rural construction systems in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

          Lan Chengjun has been working at installation, equipment repair and maintenance etc since entering gas industry in 2003. He is highly concerned about clients and considers providing the best services for clients as his persevering pursuit. He also turned up at emergency sites immediately and helped his colleagues to tackle one danger after another; he is also a good learner and encourages his colleagues to conduct in-depth research into their business. He always works with all of his efforts and honest smiles as well at any posts.

          His colleagues said that they would take Lan Chengjun as a role model to keep making progress at their work and try to be the best always.

          Recently, Bangduankou TV Station “Huaihe Evening News” column journalist Liu Naiwu and Wang Qiuzi came to Bangbu ENN natural gas station at early morning and experienced the business operation there for one day along with worker Yang Chenglin.

          To ensure the success of the whole shooting process, Yang Chenglin firstly confirmed that the journalists didn’t have lighters, matches and phones etc on them. They also wore professional working outfit and safety helmets. They entered the site after all preparations were made to start their one-day experience.

          Mr. firstly took journalists to the Special Tank area and told the journalists that the area is committed to checking whether the pressure and temperature of tanks are normal and whether they leak gas. These journalists also learned the key functions of the tank. Afterwards, they can to the pressure adjustment area. “There are lots of pipes intertwining with each other. They fall into two sections like first, second-grade pressure adjustment and sub high pressure adjustment. When the upstream gas enters the station, it will successively pass the first and second-grade pressure adjustment and then the high pressure pipes for commercial users. These pipes must stay normal in pressure and temperature,” said Mr. Yang to journalists. These journalists listened attentively and made checks by themselves under the guidance of Mr. yang.


          When the experience was almost over, Yang Chenglin said proudly: “The station was founded 13 years ago and no safety accident has occurred, with no gas leakage at all!””We have learned a lot from the experience today. The work seems simple but in effect needs great attention and carefulness. Every post has very harsh requirements and allows no error at all,” said the journalist.

          The video about the experience will be broadcast at the Bangduankou TV Station to show the journalists’ experience at the ENN gas station and also further spread the good service image of the company.

          Recently, ENN Kaifeng Gas invited professionals from ENN to participate in the two-day training event in a bid to boost the sales promotion of Geruitai cooking utensils. More than 30 workers from cooking utensil sales, after-sales maintenance etc took part along with those from companies in Henan Province and Anhui Province.

          The training centered on introduction to Geruitai brand, product maintenance and repair. Professional lecturers introduced the merits and demerits of various Geruitai products like heaters, smoke extractors, sterilizers, hanging furnace etc in their different versions so that consumers will know more about their features and selling points. In the meantime, Precautions in malfunction examination, repair maintenance of these products were also detailed to provide necessary guarantee for excellent after-sales service.

          After the training for two days, participants said all of them have got professional know-how and would put these knowledge into daily practice in order to better promote Geruitai products around Kaifeng.

          Recently, Mr. Liu, manager of logistics department of Langfang Mingzhu Group came to ENN with the banner of “high quality, user first”. He shaked hands with Yan Renfeng, director of ENN’s operation center, expressing thankfulness and saying: “We both provide service for people. ENN is a good example to interpret sincerity and customer first. ENN is our role model.” This should date back from half a month ago.
          “Is Mr. Liu of ENN speaking? Here is Mingzhu Building on the Xinhua Road. The heating season is coming, but one direct-fired machine broke down. It needs to be changed. Could you come to check the gas pipeline for us?” An anxious voice comes from the receiver.

          In the morning of November 1, Liu Jianguo, manager of industrial and commercial businesses of operation center of Langfang ENN, immediately went to Mingzhu Building after hang up the phone. By confirmingthe site condition, he contactedthe emergency repair group, comprehensive support staff within the jurisdictionand business managerof marketing department.Within ten minutes, all the relevant staff gathered in the direct-fired machine room. Mr. Liu of Mingzhu Building was extremely upset: “leaders of Langfang government will come here to inspect work and have a meeting by the end of this month. We are pressed for time and purchase a new direct-fired machine. So please help us to install the pipeline for early heating. Thank you.”

          The emergency repair group redesigned the pipeline according to the size and location of the direct-fired machine. In the afternoon of the same day, the budgeter handed the details of construction fees to Mr. Liu. On November 2, the repair group demolished the original gas pipeline. All the people involved in this project helped to demolish the direct-fired machine after finishing the designated work. Seeing the dust covering on the coats of ENN staff, Mr. Liu expresses thankfulness to all of them.

          In the following half a month, the newly-purchased direct-fired machine didn’t arrive. Mr. Liu was quite anxious. He contacted Li Haitao of the repair group, “Mr. Li, it was said there were many construction works these days, when the direct-fired machine arrived, the heating season may have started. And if a few more days are needed to install the machine, everything will screw up.” Li told him: “Don’t worry, Mr. Li. We will start construction as long as the machine arrives. We will try our best to finish the work before the inspection of leaders, even work for extra hours.”

          In the morning of November 18, the new machine was successfully installed, and the emergency repair group has prepared all the materials needed for construction. The 20-meter DN150 pipeline shall be installed atthe height of 5 meters and all 6 elbows shall be preset overhead. The repair group was strictly serious to the technique of every welded junction. All the members gave up their rest time at noon for two days. They even just ate somesteamed stuffed bunsand several cups of cold boiled waterfor dinner. Lights of the direct-fired machine keep flashing in the machine room...Mr. Liu and his colleagues brought the chicken and mealsfor them, but the food was sent back to Mr. Liu in the morning next day. Seeing all the members, tears welled up in Mr. Liu’s eyes. He said: “I really appreciate for your hard work. I love you and you are just like my family members.”

          In the afternoon of November 20, when the emergency repair group, comprehensive support staff and administrators of industrial and commercial businesses were connecting and installing the pipelines of Mingzhu Building, Mr. Liu came to Langfang ENN with the banner of “high quality, user first”, that’s scene wrote at the beginning of this article.

          On October 30, a number of central mainstream media and Guangdong media like Xinhua News Agency, Economic Daily, China Economic Times, Hong Kong Wen Wei Po, Guangdong TV, Shenzhen TV, Dongguan TV, etc. visited Xiegangmen Station of ENN Energy Holdings Limited (“ENN”) to report on “Guangzhou-Shenzhen West Second Line of West-East Natural Gas Transmission”. This visit aimed to make the public know how ENN sends the clean energy to thousands of families and improves the city’s environment and promote economic growth. 

          “Guangzhou-Shenzhen West Second Line of West-East Natural Gas Transmission” is a series of media reports organized and implemented by West-East Gas Pipeline Company of CNPC. It invites media to interview stations and users of Guangdong section of the west-east gas transmission to get to know the roles of west-east gas transmission in promoting economic and social development of the Pearl River Delta. ENN, as a significant company user of Guangdong section of the west-east gas transmission, is an important subject in these interview activities.

          Leaders of ENN accompanied the visit of the interview team and gave a detailed introduction to the overview and plans of the company. Since July 2012, ENN has brought in 1 billion cm3 gas of the second line of west-east gas transmission and supplied sufficient energy for approximately 600,000 residents, 3,000 companies, 10,000 vehicles and part of the power plants. It also supported the energy conservation and emission reduction and energy structure upgrading. Besides, responsible person of CNPC and media reporters recognized ENN’s initiative of using natural gas supplied by the west-east gas transmission to optimize the energy supply structure and promote regional economic coordination and growth. They raised many helpful questions.

          This day, the interview team also visited Xiegangmen Station and CNG gas station for automobile to deepen understanding of devices of the pipe network and operations of stations.

          This interview showed the good brand image of ENN. In the future, ENN will further expand available gas resources and continue to improve the rate of gasification to make more enterprises and individuals enjoy the advantages of natural gas and environmental protection.

          Recently, a batch of new LNG buses appeared at Bengbu ENN Xiao Huangshan gas station. All the sixty 14-meter LNG buses purchased by Bengbu Public Transport Company (“PTC”) will be put into use, and the planned sixty 18-meter LNG buses will also appear in Bengbu.

           In the early stage, to expand the LNG market, Bengbu ENN Gas caused PTC to purchase 120 LNG buses relying on years of good cooperation relations with PTC, policy support of government that emphasizes on energy saving and emission reduction and its own experience of operating LNG gas station. Bengbu ENN Gas will provide gas service for these LNG buses. This work has been listed as a public project by Bengbu government with significant attention and support.

           Currently, Bnegbu Enn Gas has invested in and operated 4 LNG gas stations, which not only satisfies the gas demand for the current 60 LNG buses and the upcoming 60 LNG buses, but the gas requirements of other LNG vehicles.

          To adapt to the requirements for high-tech enterprises of Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China and State Administration of Taxation, reduce the risk of reexamination and put high-tech enterprises into practice, Xiao Changhong from Engineering Technology Department of Xiangtan ENN Gas has led the company's technical personnel to conduct in-depth research and extensive investigation from August 2013, masteredlarge amount of technical data and created 12 technical innovation and creative projects. Through the joint refining, perfection and improvement with the experts from Xiangtan Bureau of Patent, skid-mounted CNG mobile gas supply equipment, CNG gas station tetrahydro thiophene filling device, circulating cooling water system of CNG mother station compressor and other 6 new technology patents have been formed. Recently, these six patents have been authorized by State Intellectual Property Office.
          Technical innovation never ends. Completion of the work, not only lays a solid foundation for the 2015 review of high-tech enterprises, but also stimulates the innovative spirit and enthusiasm in R & D of professional technical personnel.

          Recently, Changzhou ENN Gas officially launched 2014 Walking Patrol Inspection Activity. Nearly a hundred second-line employees of the company will be divided into 28 teams to walk for 150 kilometers within seven days to thoroughly check the security risks in all of the high-pressure pipelines and key intermediate-pressure pipelines to ensure the pipeline safety.
          In recent years, residents’ gas consumption of Changzhou ENN Gas continuously increased and the aging degree of the gas pipeline network increased. In order to truly achieve seamless carpet inspection of the gas pipeline network to detect different levels of security risks, the company launched the Walking Patrol Inspection Activity for the first time this year. The over one hundred trained second-line employees equipped with professional leakage detectors were divided into teams each with 3-4 to “check and record step by step”, including the gas pipeline markers, the plant growth above the pipeline; check leakage of valves, pipes and pressure regulating boxes; check whether there is construction activities or stamping on the pipelines and so on. The company will sort out and summarize the problems found in the patrol inspection and formulate rectification programs, designate the responsible person to rectify within the time limit, and track during the entire rectification process.

          Meanwhile, the second-line employees will also take advantage of this opportunity to go into the fields to popularize the pipeline safety knowledge to the masses along the pipelines, and with typical cases, to help them to learn about the pipeline route and understand the importance of pipeline protection. Encourage the people along the pipeline to provide useful information, and give appropriate incentives for timely and effective information providers so as to create a favorable external environment for pipeline protection.

          In order to carry on the Phase-1 achievement of Marketing System Construction Project, solve the existing issues of the marketing development, and ensure the sustainable, sound and rapid development of ENN Energy, the kick-off meeting of Marketing System Construction Project was held on Nov.13. IBM ENN project team members, lead by IBM project manager Wang Xiaoying, ENN CEO Zhang Yesheng, deputy project director of ENN Group Zhai Xiaoqing, Chief Marketing Officer of the Group Zhao Xiaowen, and pilot enterprise marketing engineers attended the kick-off meeting.

          Deputy project director of the Group Zhai Xiaoqing delivered address and pointed out that the Marketing System Construction Project is a very important support for the realization of clean energy solution strategy of ENN. Zhai also raised several demands for the implementation of the project: firstly, we shall carry on the previous achievement of the project; secondly, with combination of ENN as-is, we shall design a tool system which fits the current situation of the Group and also take the future development into consideration; thirdly, we shall continue to study, learn from the successful mode of IBM and form a unified sales methodology.

          IBM project manager Wang Xiaoying introduced Phase-1 achievement of the project and gave detailed instruction of the general idea, target, methodology and specific implement route of ENN Marketing System Construction Project.

          General Manager of Shijiazhuang XinAo Gas Lu Yufang gave a speech representing pilot enterprises. With combination of market development in Shijiazhuang, Lu elaborated the necessity and urgency of the project and showed their confidence and resolution to try their best to implement the project on behalf of pilot enterprises.

          In conclusion, based on existing issues in the marketing development, ENN CEO Zhang Yesheng elaborated the importance of the Marketing System Construction Project and proposed several requirements and expectations: firstly, general managers shall take this project as an opportunity to improve marketing awareness and ability; secondly, project team members shall go deep into enterprises and customers, summarize experience and lesson through interacted communication, realize organic combination of sales methodology and market situation; thirdly, together with the implementation of the project, try to formulate qualification system of sales people, improve the overall ability of sales team; fourthly, through implementation of the project, try to improve customer-leading awareness, promote the strategy transformation of ENN from product selling to value selling.

           The meeting clarified the purpose and significance of Marketing System Construction Project, raised the curtain of the project. The implementation of the project shall lay a solid foundation for the realization of energy strategy of ENN as well as performance improvement.

          CEO of ENN Zhang Yesheng proposing requirements and expectations

          Scene of the kick-off meeting

          In order to improve technical ability of CNG operating management technical staff, learn modern management skill and share excellent management experience, CNN Gas held Y2010 CNG gas supply stations operating management training in Yantai, Shandong. All regional technical directors, deputy directors, management staff and maintenance staff of gas supply stations (excluding hydraulic sub-station) from all gas companies with more than 120 people attended the training.

          Deputy General Manager of ENN Chen Fuchao, who is concurrently Regional Manager of Shandong, stressed in the opening speech of the training that we shall absorb new technology and new idea with an open heart and the trainees shall treat the equipment in gas supply station with dialectical attitude, continue to learn new technology and accumulate working experience.

          The training was focus on the improvement of operational ability, identification ability and maintenance ability of operating management staff. Technical managers from all suppliers were invited to give detailed explanation on the basic theory and notes in use of the major equipments of gas supply station such as CNG compressor and its main parts, dehydration machine, gas supply machine, and discharge column, as well as on how to operate, use and maintain the above equipments.

          Chief Engineer of Yantai ENN Industrial Zhu Jingdong shared his operating management. Yantai ENN Industrial Company conducted preventive protection of the compressor effectively. Thanks to the strict control, overall inspection, timely problem finding and solving during the day-to-day running and maintenance, the compressor machine of the company realized continuous running of 13000 hours without any breakdown, which effectively controlled operating cost and raised efficiency.

          As a conclusion, Chief Engineer of ENN Li Shuwang pointed that technology knowledge is the basis of management; the trainees shall understand, digest the contents of the training and apply them in practice, maximize versatility of the machines with technical measure, improve operation efficiency of gas supply station and pass on the fine technique.

          The training effectively improved the professional ability of the management staff of CNG gas supply station, enlarged their knowledge and positively promoted the safe operating management of CNG gas supply station.

          ENN Gas Model Worker Tour Lecture was held in the multifunctional hall in the head office of the Group on the morning of Oct 26. Totally 11 candidates from all regional and member companies participated. CEO of ENN Gas Zhang Yesheng, Deputy General Manager Cai Fuying, Liu Yongxin and Yin Xuexin attended the lecture.

          Y2010 is the year of enterprise culture construction of ENN Gas. In order to learn and publicity the deeds of Model Workers, spread their sprits, play them as an exemplary role, fully motivate all employees, create an environment of “everyone learns from the models, everyone wants to be advanced ”, the Model Worker Tour Lecture was organized by the Labor Union of ENN Gas.

          Targeting on the advanced person or group who won the prize of Model Worker (excellent Party member) above provincial level during the past two years, the campaign includes three stages of material submitting, selecting and tour lecture. After primary assessment, 11 Model Workers were selected. The lecture is the final of the completion as well as the first stop of the tour lecture in Langfang.

          The lecture was hosted by Li Chuanlin, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and Chairman of Labor Union of ENN Gas. The Model Workers include a meter reader who serves the customers with sincerity for ten years and practice the commitment of “customer focus” of ENN; an emergency repair worker who held fast to the front line of emergency repair even be frozen in ice and snow; a logistics driver who transport nature gas day and night for years and gave up overseas travelling opportunity for work demand; LNG factory maintenance team who continuously conduct technology innovation under harsh conditions and finally breakthrough technique blockade of foreigners… The candidates told about their touching experience with plain language and sincere emotion, some of them even could not control their tears. The audience was highly inspired and enlightened by the wonderful 2-and-half-hour lecture and thunders of applause were burst out from time to time.

          CEO of ENN Gas Zhang Yesheng gave a summary of the lecture. He appealed all employees to learn the spirit of the Model Workers: the characteristic of loyalty of taking ENN as home; the sense of ownership of taking overall interest in mind and taking responsibilities; the fighting spirit of trying to work for first class and the pragmatic attitude of working thoroughly and diligently. At the same time, he provided four requirements for the campaign: firstly, we should understand the significance of the advocacy of Model Workers standing on the high ground of corporate strategic objectives and cultural implementation; secondly, learn the Model Workers in daily work and try to create a good atmosphere of “emulate, learn from, catch up with, help and in turn surpass each other”; thirdly, conduct deep model workers training and selecting activities, play the leading role of model workers; fourthly, we shall care for the Model Workers and try our best to create an atmosphere of respect and caring of Model Workers.

          8 candidates were selected to make up Model Worker tour preaching team. On the afternoon of Oct 26, the preaching team raised the curtain of their national tour. It is learned that the preach will last for half month in 8 regions and 14 member enterprises. The deeds and sprits of Model Workers will spread to every corner of ENN Gas. The deeds of the recommended Model Workers will be published for the learning of staff.

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